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Vehicular diesel generator sets

Wide opportunities arise for diesel-electric generator sets, if mounted on a trailer.

We mainly deliver these generators to construction, installation, wiring construction and multi-site companies, for example: water supply and sewerage works.
The Hidroset Ltd. vehicular diesel generator unit represent a compact unit both functionally and in appearance.

The lower vehicular part can be mounted onto a 2.7 t and 3.5 t one or two torsion axle suspension chassis brake inertia. The 2, 2.7 and 3.5 t drawbar can be fixed and adjustable, the hitch matched to the hitch on the towing vehicle.
Accident-free manual handling is provided by the adjustable support wheel, firmly fixed operation is provided by the four supporting legs.
All parts of the chassis come with galvanized surface protection.

The vehicular diesel generator unit is delivered with installed road signs, ready for traffic, with the purchaser’s name on the registration certificate, license plates and with compulsory third party insurance.

Vehicular diesel generator sets

The generator part of the superstructure is in a silencer cladding. The control, power distribution units and switches are located on the rear wall.
The motor protection control, display operating status, power and voltage meter, frequency meter and hour meter, Insulation monitor relay, 1 x 3-phase 4-pole circuit breaker are covered by a lockable door.

Underneath are the emergency stop and the sockets: 1-phase 16 A 3-pin and 1 x 5-pin AC plug up to 125. There is also a cable bushing to connect to the terminal block.

These aggregates vehicular diesel generators can be delivered up to 400/231 V, 50 Hz, cosfi = 0.8, = 250 kVA 200 kW continuous power with DOOSAN, KOHLER, IVECO, VOLVO, DEUTZ and PERKINS.


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